Friday, 24 September 2021
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UK stalls on rescue of A400M jet project
The UK holds the key to rescuing one of Europe's biggest defence programmes, after three government customers for the troubled A400M military transport aircraft backed proposals to offer EADS 1.5bn ($2bn) in repayable loans to help meet heavy cost overruns.
Financial Times

RAF 'relying' on drones in Afghanistan
British forces are relying increasingly on unmanned drones to attack targets in Afghanistan, mirroring controversial tactics used by the US. New Ministry of Defence figures show the RAF has fired 84 missiles from Reaper drones since they were first deployed there in June 2008, with more than 20 being fired over the past two months.
The Guardian

BAE Systems handed 286m criminal fines in UK and US
BAE Systems will admit two criminal charges and pay fines of 286m to settle US and UK probes into the firm. It will hand over more than 250m to the US, which accused BAE of "wilfully misleading" it over payments made as the firm tried to win contracts.
BBC News

Outsourced QinetiQ staff operate drones in Afghanistan
Civilian contractors are being sent to Afghanistan to operate military pilotless aircraft, a development that is likely to fuel a widening debate about the use of outscourcing in front-line operations.
The Times

Parliamentary Secretary launches the 2010 Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program
The Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support, the Hon Dr Mike Kelly AM MP, today launched the 2010 Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program (ADFPP). The program allows Senators and Members of Parliament a unique opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of the effort it takes to become a proficient and professional member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
Your Defence News

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