Saturday, 25 September 2021
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U.S. Services List $1.79B in Unfunded Priorities
The U.S. military's "unfunded priorities" lists, sent to the congressional defense panels Feb. 19, contain mostly arms and gear the services would use for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That breaks with past years, when the service chiefs would include longer-range programs.
Defense News

Pak defence budget likely to go up by over $1.5bn
Pakistan's defence budget is all set to increase by at least Rs130bn (over $1.5bn) in the wake of the ongoing military operation against the militants in the tribal areas as well as on account of increased salaries of military personnel.
Gulf Times

Navy dock in danger of becoming a 'nuclear dumping ground'
Military chiefs are running out of space to store the UK's growing number of obsolete nuclear submarines, prompting fears that one of the country's busiest naval ports, Devonport, is set to be turned into a nuclear scrapyard.
The Guardian

MoD fights plan for mosque near Sandhurst academy
The Ministry of Defence is contesting a plan to build a mosque within a few hundred yards of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Senior officials claim the place of worship poses a security threat because it overlook's the parade ground used by every new officer in the British Army.
The Telegraph

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