Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Cobham and Northrop win $2.4 bln U.S. Army deal
British defence electronics company Cobham said on Monday that its joint venture with Northrop Grumman had been awarded a contract to provide battlefield communications equipment to the U.S. Army.

EADS has no plan to sell Dassault stake
European aerospace group EADS has no plan to sell either all or part of its stake in French planemaker Dassault Aviation, a senior EADS executive was quoted as saying in a report published on Sunday.

Trident may fall victim to Whitehall cash cuts

Ministers are likely to review the 20bn commitment to replace Trident, senior government sources say, as pressure increases at the top of the military and the Labour party for the policy to be scrapped.

The Guardian

BAE Systems runs into crossfire from broker

Defence contractor BAE Systems was among the fallers yesterday as the FTSE 100 drifted lower. The shares faded 0.7 per cent to 342p after "sell" advice from Goldman Sachs - even though the broker saw contract news as a potentially positive catalyst.

Financial Times

Rosoboronexport, Thales sign cooperation memorandum

Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport and France's Thales Group agreed on Friday to market jointly-developed naval equipment internationally.

RIA Novosti

U.S., Russia differ on cybersecurity

Russia and the United States disagree on how to counter cyberwarfare threats, with Washington deeming an international treaty unnecessary, sources say.


VT Group reflects national dilemmas

For a man who hasn't voted since he was a teenager, Paul Lester is a political animal. The UK government is the biggest client of the chief executive of VT Group, the defence, education and engineering outsourcer. It has contracts for everything from broadcasting the BBC World Service to managing the Metropolitan Police's vehicle fleet.

Financial Times

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