Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Qinetiq rewards executives as pay freeze plan fails
Qinetiq increased remuneration for senior staff by 22pc to 4.4m last year despite proposing a pay freeze for the defence research company's remaining employees.
The Telegraph

Eurofighter guns for 10bn Indian deal
BAE Systems is preparing for a dogfight that could result in it landing an order for 130 modern fighter jets for India.
The Times

Russia buys 12 spy drones from Israel

Russia has bought 12 unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel in a recent deal worth $53 million, a Russian government official said on Monday.

RIA Novosti

U.S. Senate OKs $106B for Wars, Equipment, Other Programs

The U.S. Senate approved a $106 billion emergency spending bill to continue paying for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to fund an assortment of odds and ends, from paying consumers to ditch gas-guzzling autos to preparing for pandemic flu.

Defense News

Army faces biggest cuts since Crimea

The Ministry of Defence intends to cut army manpower to its lowest level since the Crimean war. Plans to axe three infantry battalions a total of 1,800 men are being discussed despite the overstretch caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Times

MoD still mum on JSF's future

Doubts over the future of the Joint Strike Fighter continue to persist after the MoD refused to give a definitive answer on when the decision to buy the planes will be made.

Defence Management

Families aim for Snatch compensation

The families of four servicemen killed in Snatch Land Rovers are taking legal action against the MoD, arguing that it failed to protect personnel even when it was clear the vehicles were not up to the task.

Defence Management

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