Thursday, 23 September 2021
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Raytheon sees cybersecurity as major growth area
Raytheon Co, predicts double-digit growth in a cybersecurity market worth billions and says its high-end products and services will take on increasing importance in generating sales for the company.

GE Landed $8 Billion in Orders at Paris Air Show
With its unveiling of the fastest selling large jet engine in GE history - the GEnx - and its strategic agreement with Mubadala Development Company, GE and its joint ventures, CFM and Engine Alliance, announced more than $8 billion in orders at this week's Paris Air Show, which is held at Paris' Le Bourget airport.

Saab to lead large UAV co-operation

Saab is coordinator for a major European project which will develop a system for unmanned aircraft systems to fly securely among regular, manned aircraft in so called non-segregated airspace.


Changes at the MOD missile ranges

The MoD today (Wednesday) announced changes planned for missile ranges in Scotland and Wales, which will result in cost savings of 50 million up to 2028. The MoD stressed that the ranges are not being mothballed they will remain open.

MoD Press Release

F-22 Fight Divides Gates, U.S. Lawmakers

The 31-30 vote to keep the F-22 fighter program alive belies stronger support for the stealth fighter, a senior U.S. House Democrat said.

Defense News

Russia's air defenses: issues and problems

Early this week, some media circulated a statement by General of the Army Anatoly Kornukov, the former commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force. The general claims that the Moscow air defense system has failed to live up to its mission. Moreover, he says, Russian air defense forces lack capabilities to intercept tactical missiles, which pose one of the main threats to developed nations.

RIA Novosti

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