Saturday, 25 September 2021
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U.S. arms sales seen topping $40 billion
U.S. government-to-government arms sales are growing fast and will likely exceed the bullish estimate of $40 billion for 2009, the Pentagon's top arms sales official said on Wednesday at the Paris Air Show.

Boeing sees strong role in military planes
Boeing Co will remain a strong force in the military aircraft market, the head of the company's defense unit said on Wednesday, rejecting speculation that the Pentagon's No. 2 contractor is being edged out of that business.

Foreign buyers can save A400M

The A400M will only succeed if it finds foreign buyers, the head of EADS has claimed. In the latest chapter in the ongoing A400M saga, chief executive Louis Gallois has now essentially admitted that the programme will not be a money maker in the current agreement and that its only hope of profiting will be if foreign buyers step in.

Defence Management

German budget committee approves over 6 billion founding for several weapon systems

Germany's parliamentary budget committee has approved the purchase of different weapon systems including 31 Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 3a aircraft as well as 405 Puma infantry fighting vehicles.


BAE in line for new Saudi fighter deal

Saudi Arabia is considering placing a blockbuster order for a further 72 Typhoon fighter jets, worth about 5billion, which could provide a huge boost to defence giant BAE Systems.

Daily Mail

100m support available for UK aerospace and defence companies

The Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) has today (Thursday) encouraged aerospace and defence companies to move quickly to access a funding stream that is now available to them to improve their supply chain performance.

SBAC Press Release

Military research lab suffers cyber attack

A physics lab that works closely with the U.S. space agency and the military says it has been forced to take down its Web site because of a cyber attack.


Russia hopes "down-to-earth" Obama drops Star Wars

Russia hopes U.S. President Barack Obama will not pursue his predecessor's plan to deploy weapons in space but Moscow is ready to respond appropriately to any such moves, a senior Russian general said on Wednesday.


MoD provides just 3,000 Armed Forces Day flags for whole country

Earlier this year the Government said it wanted members of the public, schools, businesses and local councils to throw their support behind it by flying a flag for the day on June 27. But the MoD and the company which makes the flags badly underestimated demand and has provided just 3,000.

The Telegraph

The Navy strikes back

Rivalry among the three armed forces has flared into open warfare, as generals, air marshals and admirals strive to preserve their funding. And it is the Navy that is the most vulnerable.

The Telegraph

This Iraq inquiry is barmy. At least it will be held in private

It is hard to see what more can be learned about this great blunder. There is another war, though, that demands investigation

The Guardian

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