Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Eurofighter hopes next tranche to be signed in days
Eurofighter hopes to sign a deal on the next wave of orders for the combat jets within days, Chief Executive Enzo Casolini told Reuters Television at the Paris Air Show on Wednesday.

Pentagon F-35 chief blasts Boeing comments
The head of the Pentagon's F-35 fighter program blasted on Tuesday what he called Boeing Co's inappropriate marketing of a new F-15 fighter model with radar-evading capabilities that it is marketing as an alternative to the Lockheed Martin Corp-built F-35.

Defence giants clash over US tanker contract

A long-running corporate battle for a multi-billion dollar military contract that could unseat Boeing from its top spot in US aerospace has stubbornly bounced back to dominate the defence industry.

BBC News

Jerry Agee appointed new President and CEO of MBDA

On 2nd June, the Board of MBDA Inc. approved the appointment of Jerry Agee, as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of MBDA Inc. with immediate effect.


ThalesRaytheonSystems Announces New Chief Executive Officer

ThalesRaytheonSystems has appointed Jack G. Harrington as its chief executive officer. Harrington succeeds Michel Mathieu, who has been appointed senior vice-president, Sector Solutions for Aircraft, of Thales's Aerospace Division.


General "90-percent-plus" sure on U.S. missile defense

U.S. ground-based interceptor missiles stand a better-than-90-percent chance of thwarting a "rogue nation" ballistic missile attack on the United States in the next five years, the second highest-ranking military officer told Congress on Tuesday.


Clegg says no to Trident renewal

Nick Clegg has called for the Trident nuclear deterrent to be scrapped, saying it is too expensive and no longer meets the UK's defence needs.

BBC News

General Sir Mike Jackson criticises Gordon Brown's decision to hold secret Iraq inquiry

General Jackson, the then Chief of the General Staff, said he "would have no problem at all in giving my evidence in public". In a newspaper interview, he said holding the inquiry behind closed doors would help feed "the climate of suspicion and scepticism about government" and suggest the government had something to hide.

The Telegraph

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