Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Pentagon approves Northrop E-2 plane production
Northrop Grumman Corp said a contract to build the first two production models of the U.S. Navy's new twin-engine E-2D Advanced Hawkeye command and control aircraft was worth $432 million.

Rolls-Royce secures over $2 bln in orders
Britain's Rolls-Royce secured a bumper $2.1 billion in new orders at the Paris Air Show on Monday, showing the engine maker is still winning business despite the industry downturn.

Rolls gets advanced propulsion contract from UK MoD

Rolls-Royce has received a three-year research and technology contract from the UK Ministry of Defence to study the key elements of a propulsion system to support its future deep persistent offensive capability concept, initiated last year.

Flight Global

Fears over bidding war for tankers

EADS has fired a warning shot ahead of the restart of the multi-billion dollar competition to replace the USA's ageing fleet of air tankers, arguing that a process focused on price alone would be unreasonable and damaging to the US armed forces.

Financial Times

Brown urged to review Trident proposal

Gordon Brown is coming under fresh pressure to reconsider the government's decision to renew Britain's 20bn independent nuclear weapons system. There are concerns that the programme has not been debated in parliament or the country.

Financial Times

General Sir Richard Dannatt urges Government not to cut defence budget

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the retiring head of the Army, has urged the Government not to cut the defence budget in the recession. He fears that money earmarked for buying frontline equipment, including protective vehicles, and an 8.4 billion ten-year investment into troops' housing could be under threat.

The Telegraph

British officers given immunity

The British government says it will protect commanding officers in Afghanistan from private prosecution for any decision leading to a soldier's death.


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