Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Defence job for science minister
Lord Drayson will oversee UK military research spending in addition to his civil responsibilities. The peer was handed a Ministry of Defence brief in Gordon Brown's government reshuffle.
BBC News

UK aerospace industry beset by gloomy data
After years of record growth, the British aerospace industry is now coping with flat sales, a falling order backlog and a slump in research spending that could jeopardise its world standing.
Financial Times

U.S. missile-defense salvage operations under way

U.S. missile-defense contractors and their allies are pushing to salvage what they can of prized, multibillion-dollar programs that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is seeking to scrap or cut back.


UK aerospace industry maps out multi-billion pound future

The Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) has today (Wednesday) published its civil aerospace strategy report, examining how the UK industry can remain at the forefront of the highly competitive global industry. The strategy covers the next twenty years' of developments in the sector.

SBAC Press Release

UK risks future in aerospace if A400M cancelled

Britain will put up to 8,000 jobs in danger and risk losing its place as the world leader in aeroplane wing-making if the Government cancels its order of A400M military transport aircraft, the country's largest industry body has warned.

The Telegraph

U.S. siren call irresistible for Europe arms makers

European defense companies will step up their frantic search for a slice of the U.S. defense market -- even if a new U.S. administration, spending cuts and a recession make an already difficult mission harder still.


Defense deals to grow, but more niche than mega

As the economic crisis squeezes U.S. government budgets and priorities shift beyond defense, the world's top defense contractors will likely turn to acquisitions to ensure they can keep growing.


Defence Department under fire over $3B plane contract

The Defence Department has been forced to reconsider its requirements for choosing new search-and-rescue planes for the Canadian military amid accusations the process was rigged, CBC News has learned.


Defence: Reshape spending for the 21st century

The chiefs of staff, leaders of opposition parties, all respected military analysts, even government ministers, agree there is an urgent need for a major defence review. Since that will take time to consider the many important issues at stake, they also all agree it cannot start until after a general election.

The Guardian

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