Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Australian defence minister resigns
Australia's defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon resigned on Thursday after admitting breaches to the government's ministerial code of conduct, becoming the first cabinet member to be forced from office since Kevin Rudd's Labour party came to power in late 2007.
Financial Times

Democrats cut four C-130 planes from U.S. war bill
U.S. congressional Democrats have pared a war funding bill to buy seven Lockheed Martin C-130 military transport aircraft from the 11 that the U.S. House of Representatives initially approved, a congressional source close to the matter said on Wednesdayatives initially approved, a congressional source close to the matter said on Wednesday.

Honeywell Wins Extended Contract to Continue Marine Corps Support for Logistics Support Services

Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. announced today a 10-year contract with the U.S. Marine Corps for Prepositioning and Logistics Support Services, which ensures Marine Corps ships are stocked and available for deployment to combat zones. The contract is valued at $700 million if all options are exercised.

Defense Aerospace

Over 40% of Defense Ministry funds go to Navy - Russia's Ivanov

More than 40% of the Russian Defense Ministry budget is spent on the Navy, particularly on the development of strategic nuclear forces, a deputy prime minister said on Wednesday.

RIA Novosti

US and UK prepare fightback against eastern hackers

Hackers who attack defence or commercial computers in the US and UK in future may be in for a surprise: a counterattack, authorised and carried out by the police and defence agencies that aims to disrupt and even knock them off the net.

The Guardian

Army and Navy clash over ships

The head of the Royal Navy has defended the commissioning of two new aircraft carriers, rejecting claims that they were outdated "Cold War relics".

BBC News

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