Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Boeing sees growing Asian-Pacific defence sales
Boeing, sees growing demand from the Asia-Pacific for everything from fighter planes to submarines as the region looks to protect its trade and territory.
The Guardian

Russia to upgrade military transport fleet, buy new planes
The acquisition of new aircraft for Russia's military transport aviation will begin in 2012, while modernized Il-76, An-22 and An-124 aircraft will remain in service for another 20-30 years, a senior Air Force official said on Friday.
RIA Novosti

Agility wins $1.4billion US Army deal

Kuwait-based logistics provider Agility said it has won a contract worth up to $1.4 billion with the US Defense Logistics Agency. Under the terms of the deal, Agility will supply and distribute food and non-food products to US forces in Iraq.


BVT continues to gain carrier work

BVT continues to accumulate work on the individual sections of the aircraft carriers. The company is the prime contractor for the entire programme but has been awarded a number of contracts recently for the construction of the individual sub sections of the carrier as well.

Defence Management

Spy-jet cuts put troops lives at risk

British soldiers on the front line are to be left exposed as the Ministry of Defence axes new spy planes and battlefield intelligence systems to help save 1.5 billion.

The Times

'Cybergeeks' lured into U.S. defense work

Lucrative Pentagon contracts and the private-sector recession are luring young "cybergeeks" into working on U.S. computer security, experts say.


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