Monday, 20 September 2021
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BAE Systems wins $601 million Bradley fighting vehicles contract
The U.S. Army has awarded BAE Systems a contract for $601 million to refurbish some of its heavy infantry vehicles. Through a public-private partnership with the Army's Red River Army Depot, BAE Systems will repair and upgrade 606 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.
BAE Systems Press Release

Dassault imposes will on Thales with new appointments
Denis Ranque yesterday bowed out after 11 years as head of Thales with a pointed warning over corporate governance to the defence electronics group's new core industrial shareholder, Dassault Aviation.
Financial Times

US Navy sees $555 mln to cancel president's copter

The U.S. Navy expects about $555 million in cancellation costs for Lockheed Martin Corp's VH-71 presidential helicopter and $4.4 billion in spending to extend the life of the fleet of VH-3 and VH-60 helicopters, according to a document obtained by Reuters.


U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite questions

The U.S. Army paid "tens of millions of dollars in bonuses" to KBR Inc, its biggest contractor in Iraq, even after it concluded the firm's electrical work had put U.S. soldiers at risk, according to a source close to a U.S. congressional investigation.


EADS dislodges Boeing as largest aerospace firm

EADS edged out Boeing as the biggest aerospace and defense company in the world in 2008, based on revenues, a study from Deloitte pointed out May 19. Boeing had led EADS in 2007, but a strike of machinists in Boeing's commercial division last fall allowed EADS to move ahead.

Defense News

Mabus sworn in as new Navy Secretary

Ray Mabus, former Mississippi governor and U.S. ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was sworn in today as the 75th Secretary of the Navy. Leading the Navy and Marine Corps, Secretary Mabus will be responsible for an annual budget in excess of $150 billion and almost 900,000 people.

DoD Press Release

Russia and US begin nuclear talks

Russia and the US have been holding the first of three days of talks in Moscow on a new treaty aimed at reducing their stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

BBC News

Russia won't cut Superjet target, Khristenko says

Russia has no plans to cut production targets for the new Sukhoi Superjet-100 despite the weak global aviation market, Industry Minister Viktor Khristenko told Russia Today television.


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