Thursday, 23 September 2021
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MPs call for closer security input by industry

The private sector must be allowed to become an integral part of national security planning if the UK is to get the anti-terror technology that it needs, MPs on the Commons defence committee warn on Monday.

Financial Times

Strike threat over Qinetiq pay freeze

Workers at Qinetiq, the defence research company, could be on strike in a matter of weeks, potentially disrupting key military equipment programmes, after discussions with management over pay broke down last week.

Financial Times

RAF hits back in skirmish over Typhoon

The Royal Air Force hit back yesterday at claims that Britain did not need a new tranche of Eurofighter Typhoon jets, insisting they had a significant role to play in boosting UK defence capability in coming decades.

Financial Times

Defence committee calls for coastal terrorism deterrent

Britain's maritime defences are not properly resourced or co-ordinated to deal with the threat of terrorist attack, MPs warned today. The Commons defence committee expressed concern at the level of preparation for dealing with threats to the UK's sea ports and other critical national infrastructure.


Elbit Systems, General Dynamics in US joint venture

Israel's Elbit Systems Ltd said on Sunday its subsidiary Elbit Systems of America and General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products have formed a new joint venture for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).


Sixth Report - The Defence contribution to UK national security and resilience

House of Commons Defence Committee

EU criticise Italy's helicopter deals

The European Commission has decided, under Article 228 of the EC Treaty, to formally request Italy to comply with a 2008 judgement of the European Court of Justice.


Gates calls for review of U.S. air power in Afghanistan

The US military will review its operations and use of air power in Afghanistan to try to reduce the risk posed to innocent civilians, Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday.

Your Defence News

No more MoD cover-ups

Ben Knight, an RAF airman who died in Afghanistan in September 2006, was not killed by enemy action. The Nimrod in which he was flying, along with 13 others, exploded in midair because of an internal fault.

The Guardian

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