Monday, 20 September 2021
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VT Group looks to slim down operations
VT Group, the engineering support services company, on Wednesday unveiled plans to slim down as it looks to benefit from cost conscious customers looking for savings through outsourcing.
Financial Times

UK ready to sign Typhoon jets deal
Gordon Brown is to approve the UK's latest order of Eurofighter Typhoon jets but is still examining options on how to contain production costs for the multibillion-pound defence project.
Financial Times

US Army to analyze armed helicopter options

he U.S. Army plans to launch a full analysis of alternatives for a new armed reconnaissance helicopter this summer, after canceling a $6.2 billion program led by Textron Inc's Bell Helicopter unit last year, Army Secretary Pete Geren told senators on Tuesday.


Australia Maintains Budget Increase Despite Fiscal Pressures

Australia's defense budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year, announced in Canberra on May 12, will climb from 22 billion Australian dollars to 26.4 billion ($16.8 billion to $20.2 billion), Treasurer Wayne Swan announced in Parliament.

Defense News

The best defence

Just how defensive is the defence sector? BAE Systems and others involved in the Eurofighter project are in a rearguard action against possible cancellation by the UK government of the third production run of the jets. Meanwhile, Babcock claims to be winning even more contracts.

Finacial Times

Size does matter for, Trident

The cost of the Trident replacement programme has risen by 100m after measures were taken to ensure that the missile compartments can accommodate the new missiles that the US is developing.

Defence Management

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