Saturday, 18 September 2021
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UK faces bill to cancel Eurofighter order
Cancellation of the UK's latest order of Eurofighter Typhoon jets could cost the country more than 2bn in penalties and would break contingent deals on maintenance and upgrades, leaving Britain facing yet higher bills, according to senior Whitehall sources.
Financial Times

Progress in A400M rescue talks
Airbus parent EADS and European governments have made "progress" in defining the technical specifications of the A400M in a bid to restore production of the delayed military aircraft, sources close to the talks said.

Last 4 F-22 fighters to cost nearly $200 million each

Defense Secretary Robert Gates' decision to halt production of the premiere F-22 fighter jet will add about $50 million to the cost of each of the last four planes to be built by Lockheed Martin, according to Air Force estimates obtained by Reuters.


DoD Awards $260 Million in University Research Funding

he Department of Defense (DoD) today announced plans award 69 academic institutions $260 million over the next five years to perform multidisciplinary basic research.

DoD Press release

Military training exercises cut by half due to cost-cutting by MoD

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show that 25 of the 48 planned exercises for this year have been slashed and over the last six years one in five a year has been cancelled.

The Telegraph

MoD says environment a 'priority'

Armed forces about to take part in a massive exercise will make safeguarding the environment a priority, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.

BBC News

"Preliminary" talks held on U.S. military gay policy

The Obama administration is holding "preliminary discussions" about changing the military's prohibition against openly gay service members, White House National Security Advisor James Jones said on Sunday.


Lynx life extension a possibility

With the demand for helicopters growing everyday, the MoD is reviewing the possibility of upgrading and extending the life of the Lynx MK9 helicopter.

Defence Management

Paperwork blunder doomed A400M

Many of the A400M's problems stem from an embarrassing paperwork blunder by the plane's engine maker.

Defence Management

MoD axes 100m vehicle over safety

The MoD has been forced to withdraw the Vector armoured vehicle from combat operations even though it was just procured under an expensive urgent operational requirement less than three years ago.

Defence Management

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