Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Lockheed gets Iraq C-130J aircraft add-on deal
The U.S. Air Force is adding up to $292.8 million to a Lockheed Martin Corp contract for four workhorse C-130J military transport aircraft destined for Iraq, the Defense Department said on Thursday.

France ordered five additional EC725 helicopters
The French Defense Ministry has ordered five additional EC725 helicopters from Eurocopter as part of the government's economic recovery plan.

Finland spending EUR 500 million on new air defence system

Finland has decided to buy a new US-Norwegian air defence system that is in use in NATO countries. The total price for the system, which includes a new radar system, will exceed EUR 520 million

Helsingin Sanomat

New U.S. arms buyer eyes candor in ties to industry

Ashton Carter, the Pentagon's new chief weapons buyer, said Thursday he wants to deal with arms manufacturers based on candor, dialogue and the notion that "we're in this together" even as he pushes to clean up long-standing acquisition headaches.


Defence sector digs in for recession campaign

Of all the sectors in the British economy, few have held up as well amid the recession as defence. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan mean times have been good for contractors, from the likes of BAE Systems, at the top end of the defence supply chain, to the hundreds of component suppliers across the country.

Financial Times

Tories cast doubt on 21bn Trident nuclear missile upgrade

David Cameron is considering abandoning the British Trident nuclear missile deterrent or going for a less expensive upgrade by converting to air-launched cruise missiles, rather than the government's planned four expensive submarines.

The Guardian

Defence spending: New battle lines

The House of Commons spent five hours yesterday holding a turgid debate about its finances. It achieved nothing. MPs might as well have been attending the annual general meeting of a pigeon fanciers' association, or the Garrick Club. Everything of substance has been shunted off to a committee. They should have put their efforts into an issue that matters, and is being ignored: defence.

The Guardian

Allowing more Gurkha veterans to stay could hit defence budget, claims minister

Allowing more Gurkha veterans to settle in Britain could force the Government to make cuts in the defence budget, a minister has claimed.

The Telegraph

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