Sunday, 14 August 2022
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MoD may sell aircraft carrier to India to limit cuts
One of Britain's new £2bn aircraft carriers could be sold off under cost-cutting plans being considered by the Ministry of Defence. India has lodged a firm expression of interest, the Observer has learned.
The Guardian

RAF plans huge cuts in aircraft and stations
Air Force chiefs are preparing to cut 10,000 staff — a quarter of their manpower — and close up to five large air stations. The plans will reduce the RAF's strength to 31,000 personnel over the next five years, little more than half the level during the recent Iraq conflict.
The Times

Britain, France pressure Airbus on A400M

British and French air chiefs renewed pressure on Airbus over delays to its A400M military transporter on Saturday but suggested pooling maintenance or even sharing the use of some planes to balance cost increases.


Russia to make new arms offers to Arab states at Dubai Air Show

Russia will offer a new package of proposals on military-technical cooperation to countries in the Middle East at a major air show in the region, Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said.

RIA Novosti

MoD research cuts 'short-sighted beyond belief'

A|D|S, the UK's AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation today (Monday) warned the Government that the continuous decline in research and technology (R&T) funding for defence will harm both the armed forces' ability to carry out their roles in future and will be a signal to the industry of the Government's declining commitment to maintaining high-skilled research and manufacturing in the UK.

A|D|S Press Release

BAE hands new nuclear submarine to the Royal Navy – four years late

The handover of the first British submarine to provide every crew member with his own bunk might seem like an excuse for noisy celebration on board HMS Astute, but a nuclear submarine's raison d'être is silence and stealth. So by the time you read this, she may well have slipped silently from her moorings.

The Telegraph

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