Sunday, 14 August 2022
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South Africa drops Airbus contract
South Africa has become the first customer to cancel its order for the A400M military transport aircraft from Airbus, dealing yet another blow to the struggling pan-European aircraft programme.
Financial Times

Dassault denies Rafale price cut in Brazil
French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation has denied a newspaper report on Friday that it was cutting the price of its Rafale fighter jet by 40 percent to secure a sale to the Brazilian army.

Afghan Operations Boost French Military's Urgent Purchases

Needs in the Afghan theatre and anti-piracy missions will drive France to spend 260 million euros ($388 million) this year on urgent operational requirements (UORs), more than double the 104 million euros spent in 2008, said François Coté, the deputy operations director of the Direction Générale pour l'Armement (DGA) procurement office.

Defense News

Sub adviser quits in protest over sacking

An adviser to the government on the decommissioning of nuclear submarines has resigned in protest at a colleague's sacking. Peter Lanyon said his position as member of the Submarine Dismantling Group was untenable as his views and those of his colleague Dr Jane Hunt were being ignored.

Defence Management

Bob Murphy appointed president of BAE Systems Land and Armaments Group

BAE Systems today announces the appointment of Bob Murphy as President of BAE Systems Land & Armaments. He succeeds Linda Hudson, who was recently appointed President and CEO of BAE Systems, Inc. Bob will also serve on BAE Systems' Executive Committee.

BAE Systems Press Release

EU military chiefs worry about Lisbon

Top European Union military leaders say they are concerned the Lisbon Treaty will mean their advice will carry less weight.


Russia to use military force abroad only as last resort - Medvedev

Russia will use its Armed Forces outside the country only in extreme circumstances to protect Russian nationals, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

RIA Novosti

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