Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Deferrals to take toll on EADS' cash pile
EADS is facing a potential cash crunch on the 12bn ($17.8bn) programme for its groundbreaking A350 long-haul aircraft due to fly commercially in 2013.
Financial Times

Tests of Angara rocket postponed to 2012 over lack of funds
The test launch of Russia's new Angara carrier rocket, which had been scheduled for 2011, have been put back by one year due to lack of financing, space agency Roscosmos said on Saturday.
RIA Novosti

'A400M may never make a profit, but pulling out could destroy defence contractor's credibility'
The A400M, could make its maiden flight as early as Wednesday, though commercial negotiations between the partner nations and maker Airbus may yet scupper the project.
Financial Times

MoD to privatise parts of storage operation
Ministers are set to announce the part-privatisation of the military's storage depots, firing the starting gun for more asset sales and outsourcing at the Ministry of Defence.
Financial Times

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