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Nimrod report is most devastating in living memory
The families of the 14 servicemen who lost their lives when Nimrod XV230 burst into flames and crashed in Afghanistan on September 2, 2006, now know that the accident occurred because of years of complacency, safety reviews that were riddled with errors and a general lack of care towards the personnel who had to fly the aircraft in a dangerous environment, such as Afghanistan.
The Times

MOD responds to publication of Nimrod review
The Secretary of State for Defence, Bob Ainsworth, has today presented to Parliament the independent review by Mr Charles Haddon-Cave QC into the loss of Nimrod MR2 XV230 on 2 September 2006, in which 14 service personnel lost their lives.

MoD Press Release

Nimrod families call for top-level resignations

Families of 14 men killed in a Nimrod plane crash demanded resignations ''at the very top'' after a scathing report accused the Ministry of Defence of sacrificing safety for cost cuts.

The Telegraph

Pentagon still unhappy about alternate F-35 engine

The Pentagon said on Wednesday it remained unhappy about congressional efforts to continue funding an alternate engine for the F-35 fighter.


General Dynamics profit tops view

General Dynamics Corp has reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Wednesday as strength in defense sales helped offset weakness in business jets.


QinetiQ appoints Leo Quinn as Chief Executive Officer

The Board of QinetiQ Group plc announces that Graham Love, Chief Executive Officer, is standing down from the company with effect from 30 November 2009. The Board is pleased to announce that with effect from 16 November 2009 Leo Quinn will join the Board as Chief Executive Officer.

QinetiQ Press Release

Kremlin warns Russian defense sector

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is unhappy with the development of the Russian defense sector. "Over the past few years, a lot of money has been invested in the modernization and development of the defense sector. However, the results are not high".


Russia not currently supplying S-300 SAM systems to Iran

Russia is not supplying S-300 defensive surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, a Russian deputy prime minister said on Wednesday.

RIA Novosti

Indian Defence Minister rules out military involvement in Afghanistan

India has made it clear that there is no question of it joining US-led military operations in Afghanistan, saying it did not foresee such a situation "now or in the future".


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