Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Corruption case against BAE Systems may be delayed until new year
The Serious Fraud Office will miss its own deadline for bringing corruption charges against BAE Systems, Europe's largest defence company, this week as it struggles with the complexity of the case.
The Times

Raytheon Awarded More Than $100 Million For New Missile Defense System
Raytheon Company has been awarded two contracts worth in excess of $100 million by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. to design and develop the David's Sling Weapon System.
Raytheon Press Release

Linda Hudson appointed to BAE Systems plc Board and President and CEO, BAE Systems, Inc.

BAE Systems today announces the appointment of Linda Hudson as Chief Operating Officer, BAE Systems plc, and President and CEO of BAE Systems, Inc.

BAE Systems Press Release

Paint 'to thwart chemical attack'

Scientists are planning to develop a paint coating for military vehicles which would soak up a chemical warfare agent and then decontaminate itself.

BBC News

Medvedev urges Russian defense industry to create superior weapons

The Russian president said on Monday that the country's defense industry must ensure the effective modernization of the military and provide it with state-of-the-art weapons.

RIA Novosti

China's Growth Is 'Minimum Requirement'

A top Chinese general Oct. 26 defended Beijing's rapid military modernization, including the development of advanced weapons that threaten U.S. forces in the Pacific, as aimed at meeting its minimum defense requirements.

Defense News

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