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Thales UK completes major safety installation programme at British airfields
hales UK today announces that it has successfully installed 25 Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME at 23 locations across the UK and at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus and Mount Pleasant Airfield, Falkland Islands under the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) ILS sustainment programme.

Rotating E-Scan Radar May Push Eurofighter Exports
The new "repositionable" electronically scanned radar being proposed for the Eurofighter could make the difference for the fighter in export markets, its designers claim.
Defense News

S.Africa says Airbus deal still being negotiated

South Africa is still negotiating to buy eight Airbus A400M military transport planes despite delays and a cost increase that have raised doubts over the purchase, defence officials said on Tuesday.


EADS North America Names Sean O'Keefe as Chief Executive Officer

EADS has named Sean O'Keefe as Chief Executive Officer to lead the operations of EADS North America. His appointment is effective November 1, 2009 and he will become a member of the EADS NV Executive Committee beginning January 1, 2010.

EADS Press Release

US raises pressure on Japan air base

Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, on Wednesday dismissed Japanese hopes for a rethink of a controversial military base relocation deal, calling for "expeditious" action to implement the plan in full.

Financial Times

Regulate private military firms to stem rights abuses, ministers told

The government came under pressure today to speed up its decision on how to regulate the burgeoning private military industry, boosted by conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and recently beset by a number of scandals.

The Guardian

Russia submits draft UN resolution against arms race in space

The Russian delegation to the United Nations has submitted to the UN two draft resolutions on confidence-building measures and on the prevention of arms race in space, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Wednesday.

RIA Novosti

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