Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Defence pact with Russia to boost defence capability: India
India on Tuesday voiced confidence that its agreement with Russia on a 10-year military and technical cooperation from 2011 would help enhance the operational capability of its defence forces in the next decade.
Hindustan Times

MoD seeks equipment chief as cuts kick in
The Ministry of Defence is looking for a new top procurement official as it seeks to force through far-reaching internal reforms and address criticism about its supply of equipment to troops in Afghanistan.
Financial Times

Thales chief to reveal management revamp
Luc Vigneron, the recently appointed head of Thales, will on Friday unveil a restructuring plan for Europe's biggest defence electronics group, which is expected to include targets on cost-cutting and performance.
Financial Times

Boeing placing $600 mln defence orders with India companies
U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing said on Monday it has started sourcing equipment worth more than $600 million from Indian firms for anti-submarine warfare planes that it is manufacturing for India.

Carillion sells equity in Aspire Defence Limited
Carillion has today announced that it has sold a 32.5% financial interest in Aspire Defence Limited to Innisfree, an institutional investor, leaving Carillion with a 17.5% interest going forward.
Aspire Press Release

UK confident U.S. will hand over F-35 fighter codes
Britain is confident it will receive software code that controls Lockheed Martin Corp's new radar-evading F-35 fighter jet, despite the United States' insistence that it will keep the data to itself.

General Sir Richard Dannatt 'frustrated' with Gordon Brown over Afghanistan
The former Chief of the General Staff said the fact the government has now decided to increase the number of troops being sent to the country showed it was "beginning to get it but my goodness it's taken a long time".
The Telegraph

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