Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Petition to allocate vacant plinthe in Trfalgar square to recognise troops sacrafice in Iraq and Afghanistan
A petition to the Prime Minister that the 'empty plinth' in Trafalgar Square should be dedicated permanently as a commemorative memorial to the services and sacrifices of ourArmed Forces in Iraq & Afghanistan is now on line at

Russian Navy to buy 24 MiG-29K carrier-based fighters
Russia's Navy will buy at least 24 MiG-29K (Fulcrum-D) fighters to be deployed on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, an unnamed Defense Ministry official said on Friday.

RIA Novosti

Airbus A400M flight as soon as November 30

The A400M military transporter made by Airbus (EAD.PA) is set to have its maiden flight as soon as November 30, German weekly magazine FOCUS reports in an advance copy.


General Dynamics Awarded Contract for 352 additional Stryker

The U.S. Army TACOM Lifecycle Management Command has awarded General Dynamics Land Systems a $647 million contract for 352 Stryker vehicles.


SFO adds 30 staff to BAE probe

The Serious Fraud Office has added 30 staff to its BAE Systems investigation team as it seeks the attorney-general's consent to prosecute Europe's biggest arms manufacturer for offences relating to overseas corruption.

Financial Times

Ministry of Defence rejects calls to dock Sir Richard Dannatt's pay

The Ministry of Defence has rejected calls from Labour MPs to dock the pay of Sir Richard Dannatt after he accepted a post with a future Conservative government.

The Times

UK Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll to receive major upgrades by Babcock

Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll is to receive major upgrades to her command and weapon systems, sensors and ventilation systems in a 14 month upkeep period by Babcock at Rosyth, which has now started.


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