Sunday, 14 August 2022
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BAE facing bribery case as talks with SFO stall
If a last-minute deal cannot be reached, the SFO could recommend a criminal prosecution as early as today. The final decision on whether to prosecute will be made by Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General.
The Telegraph

U.S. to buy more than 6,600 new trucks for war
The U.S. Defense Department said on Wednesday it would buy more than 6,600 of a new type of Oshkosh Corp built off-road armored trucks built for U.S. use in Afghanistan, and production was ahead of schedule.

BAE gets Pentagon deal worth up to $313.3 mln

A U.S. unit of BAE Systems Plc has won a Pentagon contract worth up to $313.3 million for gunner restraints, vehicular safety belt kits and accessories for the Army and Marine Corps, the Defense Department said Wednesday.


Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Announces Appointment of Carey Bond as President of Sikorsky Global Helicopters

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today announced the appointment of Carey Bond as president of the company's Sikorsky Global Helicopters business. Bond also retains his previous position as Chief Marketing Officer and reports to Sikorsky President Jeffrey P. Pino. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.


General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Awarded $153 Million Navy Submarine Contract

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, has been awarded a $152.8 million contract by the U.S. Navy for FY 2010 and FY 2011 production and deployed-systems support for the United States and United Kingdom SSBN fire control system (FCS) and the SSGN Attack Weapon Control System (AWCS).

General Dynamics Press Release

Kremlin underlines Russia's missile defense proposal still stands

Russia's missile-defense proposals, including the joint use of its radar facilities, are still on the table, a presidential press secretary said on Wednesday according to Russia's press agency RIA Novosti.


Bob Ainsworth admits Britain cannot increase forces in Afghanistan amid equipment fears

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, has admitted Britain is unable to commit more military personnel to Afghanistan unless it provides enough kit and equipment.

The Telegraph

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