Monday, 20 September 2021
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MOD announces 300m To boost Puma power
The RAF's fleet of Puma helicopters will receive a 300M upgrade that will enhance performance and enable it to operate in the toughest and most demanding conditions the MoD has announced.
MoD Press Release

French arms exports highest since 2000
Deals with Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Morocco pushed French arms sales up 13 percent last year to their highest level since 2000, the government said on Monday.

ADF urged to buy new 'bomb-proof' vehicles

Australian soldiers could be driving a new high-tech, armour-plated vehicle on overseas battlefields by 2011. Defence contractor Thales has unveiled a new prototype in Canberra that could replace the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) vulnerable fleet of Landrovers.

ABC News

EADS, Northrop May Have To Tweak Tanker Bid

EADS and its U.S. partner, Northrop Grumman Corp, may have to revise their proposal for a U.S. military airborne refuelling tanker to take into account new technical requirements from the Pentagon, EADS' chief executive officer said Monday.

Wall Street Journal

Spain "very optimistic" on Airbus A400M

Spain is "very optimistic" a deal will be reached to rescue Europe's largest defence project, the delayed Airbus A400M military transport plane, defence minister Carme Chacon said on Monday.


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