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UK MoD urged to field 'less than fully capable' systems
The UK Ministry of Defence must consider fielding "less than fully capable" systems in a bid to introduce equipment into service more rapidly, according to industry figures. Addressing the governmental defence committee, Sir Brian Burridge, Finmeccanica UK's vice president for strategic marketing said ground vehicles in particular should initially be fielded with an "80 percent capability".

Russia's MIG company confirms delivery of naval fighters to India
Russia's MiG aircraft maker said on Tuesday it has delivered the first four MiG-29 Fulcrum-D carrier-based fighter jets to India.
RIA Novosti

Industry Urges Flexibility in Coming OCI Rule
The Pentagon heard from industry representatives Dec. 8 on an issue that has many contractors concerned and has already led to one major divestiture - an anticipated rule on organizational conflicts of interest that is part of the acquisition reform law enacted earlier this year.
Defense News

DCNS Offers Prototype Vessel to French Navy
DCNS has offered to the French Navy use of a company-funded prototype ocean or offshore patrol vessel as the naval company strives to become the top supplier of warships in foreign markets.
Defense News

Cobham to Enhance its Presence in India
Cobham is significantly enhancing its existing presence in India through the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, Cobham India Private Limited. With offices in New Delhi and Bangalore, Cobham India Private Limited will open during the first quarter of 2010.

India to 'fence' naval harbours
India is planning to secure its naval harbours with electronic fences, the BBC has learnt. The fences are part of the Integrated Harbour Defence System to secure the harbours "against clandestine threat from sea", security officials say.
BBC News

Ainsworth warns against Afghan withdrawal
British Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth says the argument that al-Qaida has moved to Pakistani safe havens does not justify troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Russia to keep silo-based ballistic missiles in future
Russia's Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) will keep both silo-based and mobile ballistic missile systems in service until at least 2020, the SMF commander said on Tuesday.
RIA Novosti

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