Monday, 20 September 2021
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Multi-million pound deal secures support for Navy's newest warships
The MoD has announced the award of a 309m contract to BVT Surface Fleet (BVT) for the future support of the Royal Navy's newest destroyers, the Type 45 class. This new contract is expected to sustain around one hundred and twenty jobs, primarily in Portsmouth.
MoD Press Release

Tories promise early defence review
The Conservative party would carry out a strategic defence review very soon after coming into power, leader David Cameron has said, while shadow chancellor George Osborne has hinted that projects such as two new aircraft carriers, the Eurofighter/Typhoon aircraft and the A400M transport aircraft could be frozen.
Defence Management

US 'shelves Europe missile plan'

The US is to abandon its plan to develop a missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic, the Czech prime minister has announced. Earlier reports from the US said it would be dropped because Iran's long-range missile plans were less advanced than predicted.

BBC News

Russia welcomes U.S. move to scrap missile plans for Europe

Russia welcomes reports of a U.S. decision to abandon its missile defense plans for Central Europe, and is waiting for official confirmation on the issue, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

RIA Novosti

Northrop chief to step down

The head of Northrop Grumman has announced plans to retire at the end of the year. Ronald Sugar, chairman and chief executive, said he would step down after six years in the job, handing over the reins to Wesley Bush, currently Northrop's president and chief operating officer.

Financial Times

DSEi 2009: proving that defence and security matter

More than 26,000 people attended this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition to see a host of innovations created to meet the needs of today's defence and security sector.


Workforce Woes to Continue for Aerospace and Defense Industry According to Study

xpected increases in retirement eligibility rates of existing workers, and documented increases in voluntary attrition rates of younger workers, combined with weak demand for future contracts (work) has Aerospace and Defense companies facing the most challenging business environment in recent history, according to a new workforce survey by AVIATION WEEK


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