Friday, 24 September 2021
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Russian state defense order for 2010 planned at $35 bln
Russia's military-industrial commission has submitted to the Finance Ministry a draft 2010 state defense order for 1.109 trillion rubles ($35 bln), a deputy premier said on Thursday.
RIA Novosti

Indian Minister of State for Defence Calls upon Private Industry to Participate in Defence Sector
The Indian Minister of State for Defence Dr. MM Pallam Raju gave a call here today to harness the capabilities of the Private Industry in IT and Engineering Design for meeting the needs of the Defence Forces.

New Sub Construction Problem Found at Northrop Grumman

Weapons-handling gear aboard four Virginia-class attack submarines was improperly assembled by workers at Northrop Grumman's Newport News shipyard - the latest manufacturing problem at the Virginia facility.

Defense News

US senators want 12 more Boeing C-17 planes

A group of U.S. senators urged funding for 12 more C-17 military transport airplanes on Thursday, saying that the Boeing Co production line must stay open to preserve national security and maintain a viable aerospace industry.


Lack of incentives driving away FDI in defence sector

Pitching for raising foreign direct investment limit to 49 per cent in the defence sector, a study on India's military exports has said global players are reluctant to fund the industry in the capital-intensive sector due to lack of incentives.

Indian Express

Lobbyists paid $750K to honor Obama admin.

Defense lobbyists spent nearly $750,000 to honor Obama administration officials during the first six months of the year, U.S. government data show.


Couple admit bribes for defense contracts

A couple who own a California defense contracting company have admitted bribing an employee of a Navy installation in San Diego.


A defence review has to conquer political infighting

As one of the main authors of the strategic defence review of 1997-1998 I was struck earlier this year by the widespread calls for a new review to resolve the many problems facing the UK's armed services and Ministry of Defence.

Financial Times

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