Thursday, 23 September 2021
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Sukhoi signs record $2.5 bln deal with Russian defense ministry
Russia's Defense Ministry and the Sukhoi aircraft maker signed on Tuesday a 80 billion ruble ($2.5 billion) contract, the Russian prime minister said.
RIA Novosti

BAE lays off workers on defense review
Defense contractor BAE said 314 employees in Minnesota would be laid off due to a canceled contract for a non-line-of-sight cannon.

Raytheon eyes new anti-missile system for Israel

Raytheon Co said it was developing a new system that, if deployed, could boost Israel's defenses against Iran as soon as 2013 and beef up anti-missile bulwarks worldwide.


UK 'must tighten arms controls'

The government must do more to ensure arms exports are not being used against civilians in war zones, a joint report by four select committees says.

BBC News

Gen Sir Richard Dannatt: 'We need 24 hour surveillance in Afghanistan'

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the Army, has called for more resources in Afghanistan after the Government admitted key staff shortages are undermining operations to protect troops from roadside bombs.

The Telegraph

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