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MoD pressured to release weapons report showing spiralling spending
Pressure is mounting on the government to release a devastating report on how spending on weapons systems is spiralling out of control. The MoD is engaged in a heated debate with 10 Downing Street over how and when to publish the former ministerial adviser's report due to have been disclosed to MPs last month.
The Guardian

U.K. Chinook Fleet to Receive New T55 Engines from Honeywell
Honeywell announced today that the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense (MOD) will purchase the Honeywell 55-L-714A engine and spares, valued at approximately $185 million, to retrofit their fleet of Chinook helicopters.

Lockheed's F-35 may be flying into budget storm

The Pentagon may want to consider scaling back Lockheed Martin Corp's multinational F-35 fighter program, the costliest-ever U.S. arms-purchase plan, as part of stepped-up budget belt-tightening, an analysis by an influential research group said.


Saudis seek upgrade of E-3 AWACS, tankers

Saudi Arabia is seeking technology upgrades for its fleet of 13 Boeing E-3aircraft that could be worth $2 billion for American companies.


Britain rethinks jump jet order

Britain may drop the short-takeoff and vertical-landing variant of the Joint Strike Fighter in favor of the conventional model to be used on its two planned aircraft carriers.


U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Wants Unmanned Ground Vehicles

As pilotless U.S. drones do battle from the sky in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, a top U.S. Army officer is urging the military to step up the deployment of unmanned vehicles on the ground.

Defense News

Lockheed Martin UK Announces Alan Mccormick as Vice President And Managing Director LMUK INSYS

Lockheed Martin UK has announced the appointment of Alan McCormick as Vice President and Managing Director for Lockheed Martin UK - INSYS. Effective immediately, McCormick will take responsibility for the Ampthill, Bedfordshire based division of Lockheed Martin UK, succeeding Stephen Ball, now Chief Executive Lockheed Martin UK.


Bob Ainsworth: 'defeatists' at home are letting down British troops

The Defence Secretary, Bob Ainsworth, has accused some parts of the British public of being "defeatist" and failing to show enough support for the military mission in Afghanistan.

The Telegraph

MoD accused of 'jobs for the boys'

The MoD has been accused of 'jobs for the boys' behaviour after opting for a helicopter contract from a company that later hired a senior civil servant in the department.

Defence Management

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