Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Russia to revamp air-space defenses by 2020
Russia will create a new generation of air and space defenses to counter any strikes against its territory by 2020 due to a potential foreign threat, the Air Force commander said on Tuesday.
RIA Novosti

Russia shortlisted for submarine contract with Indonesia
Russia has been shortlisted for a $700 million contract to deliver two submarines to Indonesia, the Indonesian Navy commander said on Tuesday.
RIA Novosti

Lockheed wins $140 mln order for two Iraqi planes

Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) has won a contract valued at $140 million to provide two additional four-engine C-130J transport planes to the Iraqi government, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.


India to buy Russian Ka-31 helicopters

In a bid to strengthen the Navy's capabilities to detect airborne and surface-based maritime threats, the Indian Government has approved the acquisition of five Russian-build Kamov-31 (Ka-31) "Helix" reconnaissance and anti-submarine helicopters.


Elbit Systems Q2 profit jumps, sees better 2010

Elbit Systems, Israel's largest traded defence contractor, reported a 92 percent jump in quarterly net profit and predicted further gains in revenue and profitability into 2010.


'Too little parking' to boost Afghanistan helicopter numbers

Britain can only send a limited number of helicopters to Afghanistan because of a shortage of "parking" spaces, Air Cdr Simon Falla, a senior officer, has disclosed.

The Telegraph

'No rush' to redeploy helicopters

The UK's military will not be rushed into redeploying Merlin helicopters in Afghanistan as "we won't jeopardise safety", the defence secretary says.

BBC News

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