Saturday, 18 September 2021
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FI Projects Defense Departments Worldwide to Spend $11 Billion on Multimission Communications Market
Forecast International is projecting that defense departments worldwide will spend approximately $11.05 billion on 25 different multimission communications development, acquisition, and maintenance programs over the next decade.

Russian company develops heavy UAV for military use
Russia's Kronshtadt defense company has developed a new- generation heavy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for military purposes, a senior company official said on Tuesday.
RIA Novosti

Cost of U.S.-Japan missile defense effort up sharply

A joint U.S.-Japanese missile defense program being built by Raytheon Co is now slated to cost $3.1 billion, $700 million more than expected, mainly due to a Pentagon decision to cancel a separate program, a top military official said on Monday.


QinetiQ says helicopter upgrades boost trading

British weapons tester QinetiQ Group (QQ.L) said helicopter upgrade work is helping offset a decline in its traditional research business, and it expects to meet market expectations for the full year.


JSF could be delayed by a year

The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) could face delays of at least a year, leading to concerns that Britain's aircraft carriers may have to operate without planes. A US Senator hinted last week that the troubled programme faces a two year delay in the US. This would have a trickle down affect on Britain's programme which will see the purchase of 150 planes.

Defence Management

Extra helicopters fit to protect troops in Afghanistan, MoD says

Extra helicopters due to be sent to Afghanistan are sufficiently protected for operational use, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) insisted today, following reports that pilots feared the aircraft had not been fitted with armour plating.

The Guardian

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