Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Fines urged for Airbus and EADS executives
Seven current and former executives of Airbus and its parent company EADS, including NoŽl Forgeard, former EADS co-chief executive, should be fined for alleged insider share dealing, according to a provisional report prepared for the French financial markets regulator.
Financial Times

QDR Work Uncovers $60 Billion Shortfall

The U.S. military services must free up $60 billion over five years to pay for equipment and other items deemed essential for future American military missions by 2010, according to a Quadrennial Defense Review analysis.

Defense News

Helicopter woes extend to crews

Even if the apparent helicopter shortage in places such as Afghanistan was resolved, the Armed Forces would lack the proper number of crewmembers and trainers required to ensure that all helicopters are adequately staffed according to new MoD statistics.

Defence Management

China's military cautiously tries out new openness

The Chinese soldiers shot down targets, overpowered black-clad terrorists and then lined up at attention in front of journalists. "Now you are invited to conduct individual interviews!" announced the commander of the Third Guard Division, wrapping up a rare media tour of a Beijing military base on Tuesday designed to show the Chinese military's modernity and openness.


Firepower boost for HMS Westminster

HMS Westminster is set to get a major boost to her firepower in a £11M refit at Devonport. Babcock began work on the refit that will see the Type 23 frigate become the first in the class to receive both a major update to the Seawolf self-defence missile system and the new command system that controls the weapons at the same time.

MoD Press Release

2,500 wounded British soldiers waiting for compensation, figures show

Ministry of Defence figures show that at the end of June, there were 2,458 Armed Forces Compensation Scheme applications "on hand." In September 2007, the number of outstanding cases was 1,570. The jump in the number of pending cases raises fears that the system is struggling to cope with the surge in the number of wounded soldiers from Afghanistan.

The Telegraph

Where Britain should cut to defend the realm

Every prime minister, including our current one, has declared that the priority is the defence of the UK. But no one wishes to spend more than is necessary on defence, particularly when managing public confidence during a recession and a flu pandemic.

Financial Times

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