Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Pentagon eyes Sept for next step in aerial tanker
The Pentagon may not release until September the details of its next competition for the long-delayed replacement of aging Air Force aerial tankers, a Pentagon spokesman said on Wednesday.

MP seeks detail on ranges' future
An MP has sought clarification from defence contractor QinetiQ on the future of underwater weapons testing ranges in the Highlands. Submarine weapons systems have been tested at the sites off Kyle of Lochalsh and in the Sound of Raasay.
BBC News

Government watchdog exposes wasteful spending on JSF alternate engine

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) will launch a multimedia ad campaign to educate taxpayers about the $7.2 billion in wasteful spending on an alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).


Northrop Grumman awarded $276 million contract to Field Battlefield Airborne communications node

The U.S. Air Force awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation a $276 million contract on June 24 for fielding and operational deployment of the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN), an airborne communications system that provides warfighters with critical real-time battlefield information.

Your Defense News

MPs' report to say helicopter shortage puts troops at risk in Afghanistan

Ministers will come under intense pressure tomorrow over their handling of Britain's military operations in Afghanistan when an influential committee of MPs challenges Gordon Brown's insistence that a lack of helicopters has not cost lives.

The Guardian

Drayson: Britain needs the A400M

Britain will press ahead with the A400M programme despite higher costs and extensive delays, a defence minister revealed in an interview. Lord Drayson, the minister for strategic acquisition and R&D told Reuters in an interview that Britain needs the A400M.

Defence Management

Britain must work with Europeans on defence

Of all the public expenditure decisions that the next government will have to take, none will be more difficult than the future funding of the armed forces. The defence budget of over 34bn is simply too big to be exempt from cuts; but our national security is too important to be the victim of a short-term need to balance the books.

Financial Times

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