Sunday, 14 August 2022
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Boeing to cut 1,000 defense jobs
Boeing Co told employees it will have to cut around 1,000 jobs in its defense division because of Pentagon budget reductions, the Associated Press said, citing an internal memo from Jim Albaugh, the company's top defense executive.

Lockheed to lay off 600 in copter program
Lockheed Martin said Tuesday it will lay off 600 workers, mostly from its Oswego, N.Y., facility, after the cancellation of the presidential helicopter project.

Hundreds of Panthers cannot deploy

The MoD has spent hundreds of millions of pounds on a new armoured vehicle that will mainly be used for training in non-operational settings. Only 67 Panther armoured vehicles are in suitable condition to operate safely in Afghanistan according to the MoD.

Defence Management

Pradeep Kumar to be the Next Indian Defence Secretary

Shri Pradeep Kumar has been appointed as the Indian Defence Secretary. He will assume charge on the superannuation of Shri Vijay Singh on July 31, 2009.


What Britain must give up for the soldiers it needs

If a government wishes to neglect national defence, it is wise to do so when not fighting a war.

Financial Times

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