Monday, 20 September 2021
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Brazil expands defense manufacturing

Brazil is expanding its defense manufacturing program and has set a target to make its own armored vehicles -- more than 2,000 in the first phase -- with Italian help.


BAE urges US Army to rethink plan for new trucks

Britain's BAE Systems on Monday urged the U.S. Army to rethink its strategy to buy medium-sized trucks after government auditors upheld BAE's protest against a multibillion dollar contract award to Oshkosh Corp.


ManTech to buy Sensor Technologies for $242 million

ManTech International Corp said it agreed to buy privately held Sensor Technologies Inc for $242 million in its biggest deal to expand its presence in the high-end defense and intelligence market.


Brazilian Army buys 2044 Italian APC's in multi-billion deal

IVECO Defence Vehicles announced that the Brazilian Army has signed on December 18 a contract for the supply of 2044 units of the base model of the new family of armoured personnel carriers (VBTP-MR) in a contract worth 6 billion Brazilian Reais (about 2.5 billion).


British Army 'waterboarded' suspects in 70s

Evidence that the British army subjected prisoners in Northern Ireland to waterboarding during interrogations in the 1970s is emerging after one of the alleged victims launched an appeal against his conviction for murder.

The Guardian

Afghan air force to quadruple in size

Afghanistan will receive more than 150 fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft from its Western allies over the next six years, the Afghan Defense Ministry said on Monday, quadrupling the size of its neglected air force.


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