Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Obama's Russia visit to bring over $1.5 bln in deals
U.S. corporate giants John Deere, PepsiCo and Boeing will announce more than $1.5 billion worth of deals in Russia during President Barack Obama's visit, part of an effort to revive waning trade and investment between the two nations.

India boosts defence budget by 34 percent
India confirmed on Monday a defence budget of Rs 1.42 trillion a 34 percent increase from last year, as announced in February's interim budget with the submission of the general budget for 2009-10 in parliament.
Daily Times

Ministers to start defence review

A "root and branch" review of Britain's defence policy is to be announced later by the government. Ministers are expected to promise an interim "Green Paper" setting out their thinking around the turn of the year.

BBC News

Russia and US agree nuclear disarmament deal wording

Russian and American negotiators have salvaged a summit between US President Barack Obama and his host Dmitry Medvedev by agreeing the text of a preliminary deal on nuclear disarmament.

The Telegraph

US and Russia in nuclear accord

The US and Russia yesterday pledged to make big cuts in their strategic nuclear arsenals and pursue closer ties but failed to settle their most serious dispute, a row over US plans to install an anti-missile defence system in eastern Europe.

Financial Times

EADS adds to bragging rights on quality research

Financial Times

New carriers at heart of defence debate

A steel-cutting ceremony at Govan shipyard later will mark the beginning of construction of two new aircraft carriers, military vessels that stir emotions among supporters and opponents alike.

BBC News

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