Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Russia to deliver 12 warplanes to Vietnam under $500 mln contract
Russia will supply 12 Su-30MK2 Flanker multi-role fighters to Vietnam under a contract worth more than $500 million, a Russian business daily reported on Thursday.
RIA Novosti

French govt backs Vigneron as new Thales head
The French government said on Friday it was backing Luc Vigneron's candidacy to be the new head of defence electronics group Thales

Sri Lanka to buy military helicopters from Russia

Sri Lanka has ordered a number of military transport helicopters and other weaponry from Russia, the country's defense secretary said in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti.

RIA Novosti

QinetiQ agrees to sell its underwater systems business

QinetiQ Group plc today announces that it has reached an agreement to sell its underwater systems business based in Winfrith, Dorset to Atlas Elektronik UK for a cash consideration of 23.5m.

QinetiQ Press Release

MoD comments on MPs report on equipment acquisition

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support Quentin Davies today commented on a report by MPs covering MOD's performance last year on its biggest equipment projects.

MoD Press Release

Arm us for the wars of today, not yesterday

The government's announcement that it intends to proceed with ordering a third tranche of Typhoon Eurofighters for the RAF imposes a crippling burden on the overstretched British defence budget. It thus provokes widespread dismay in the armed forces.

Financial Times

Army indignant over plan to buy jets

Senior army figures expressed indignation yesterday at Gordon Brown's decision to press ahead with plans to buy a new tranche of Eurofighter aircraft. They said the UK was purchasing jets while failing to support ground forces in Afghanistan.

Financial Times

MoD still paying for Vector farce

The saga surrounding the Vector armoured vehicle has reached farcical proportions after it emerged that the MoD will continue to pay for vehicle upgrades, even though the Vector is being taken out of service.

Defence Management

MoD 'delusional' on procurement

The MoD continues to be a disappointment when it comes to handling major projects according to a new Parliamentary report which found more delays and cost overruns. According to the new Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report, in the last 12 months the 20 largest defence procurement projects have been delayed a combined 96 months and risen in price by 205m.

Defence Management

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