Monday, 20 September 2021
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BAE: 146 jets may be adapted for use by RAF
Plans to convert old commercial aircraft into military transporters are being considered by the Ministry of Defence as it grapples with a severe lack of air transport capability.
The Times

Senate panel seeks end to F-22 export ban
A Senate panel urged the Air Force on Thursday to start developing an export model of its F-22 Raptor, the most advanced U.S. fighter jet, even as it voted to end U.S. purchases.

U.S. heads for record overseas arms sales in 2009

The United States is close to a new peak in government-to-government arms sales, poised to top last year's record $36.4 billion, Pentagon figures showed.


Team Must Complete F135 Engine Review by Nov. 20

U.S. defense acquisition chief Ashton Carter has ordered a high-level panel to review all aspects of development and production of the F-35's primary engine by Nov. 20, according to a Pentagon memorandum.

Defense News

Former Labour Defence Secretary condemns procurement 'mess'

The Government's system for buying military equipment is a mess and tough choices must be made over what is really needed, a former Labour Defence Secretary said yesterday.

The Times

Work begins on advanced naval anti-ship missile

The UK and French governments have announced the start of a joint Assessment Phase to develop systems and technologies for a new helicopter-launched anti-surface missile. The announcement was made at this year's Defence Systems Exhibition International (DSEi) at the Excel Centre in London, a biannual gathering of the world's largest defence companies.

MoD Press Release

Will defence groups keep a united front?

Like parade ground soldiers, the defence industry is trying to stay in lockstep over the need to prevent big budget cuts following next year's defence review.

The Times

Spending on Armed Forces could by cut by Conservatives

The Conservative leadership is backtracking on spending commitments for Britain's Armed Forces and could yet shelve plans to replace Trident, The Times has learnt.

The Times

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