Sunday, 14 August 2022
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In addition to a potential pension for life (the capital value of which we shall endeavour to ascertain) amounts of up to the following can be awarded :

Level 1 - 570,000

Loss of legs and arms; brain injury; persistent vegetative state

Level 2 - 402,500

Loss of eyes; loss of both legs above the knee

Level 3 - 230,00

Loss of both arms at or above the elbow

Level 4 - 172,500

Loss of both legs below the knee; burns on 70% of the body

Level 5 - 115,000

Loss of both feet; loss of both kidneys

Level 6 - 92,000

Total deafness; loss of one hand

Level 7 - 63,825

Loss of both thumbs

Level 8 - 48,875

Loss of one foot; infertility

Level 9 - 34,100

Permanent and inoperable cataracts in both eyes; complex injury covering all or most of the hand

Level 10 - 23,100

Loss of both big toes; loss of one kidney

Level 11 - 13,750

Fractured pelvis; high velocity gunshot wound

Level 12 - 9,075

Partial loss of two or more fingers

Level 13 - 5,775

Dislocated jaw; lung damage due to toxic fumes

Level 14 - 2,888

Blast injury to ears; traumatic injury to genitalia

Level 15 - 1,155

Fractured nose

We'll also endeavour to establish what you'd get from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for similar injuries

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