Saturday, 18 September 2021
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£5 million will be spent on improvements at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, including refurbishment to wards and accommodation.

Reservists in every Government department will be guaranteed a minimum 10 days Special Paid Leave to conduct training.

The special paid elave will come into effect from December 2012 and will allow Central Government employees to attend the mandated annual period of continuous training (typically an Annual Camp) without having to draw on their Annual Leave entitlement.

The investment at Headley Court will refurbish part of the Peter Long Unit, comprising wards and a dayroom; significantly improve accommodation in both the Officers and Combined Mess kitchens; upgrade the Single Living Accommodation and replace carpets and heating systems.

This additional investment at Headley Court follows the £16.9 million the MOD spent on the new Jubilee Rehabilitation Complex, which was formally opened on 19 September 2012.

Civil Service departmental policies on the amount of Special Paid Leave granted for Reserves' training have historically varied, averaging between 8 and 10 days per year, while some Departments offer no paid leave at all. While most of the training undertaken by Reservists takes place in the evenings and at weekends, a continuous period of training, typically of 15 days (including weekends), is a mandated obligation. In cases where Reserves have not been able to benefit from sufficient Special Paid Leave in the past, they have had to make the choice to forego annual leave to satisfy their Reserve training liability.

Following direction from the Prime Minister that the Government should lead the way as an employer of Reserves, the Head of the Civil Service has agreed with Departments to introduce a policy providing a standard minimum of 10 days Special Paid Leave for Reserves training across central Government Departments.

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