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Lt General A J Bradshaw CB, OBE to succeed Lt General Sir Nick Parker as Commander Land Forces January 2013
Lt General Nick Carter CBE, DSO to succeed Lt Gen Bradshaw as Deputy Cdr, ISAF and UK National Contingent Commnader September 2012

Promotions at two star level and below, plus retirements, on the next page

Major General David Wilson CB, CBE to succeed Brig S P Hill as Col Commandant Royal Marines and President RMA wef 1st May
Major General J I Bashall CBE to succeed Maj Gen Gordon Messenger DSO and Bar, OBE, RM as Chief of Staff (Ops) PJHQ wef August 2012
Cdre I M Jess to be promoted Rear Admiral, become ACNS (Support) Navy Command HQ wef July 2012

Brig M W Dunham to succeed Brig P R Denning OBE  as ACS (Land & Littoral Manoeuvre) and  Deputy CGM RM wef 8 May 2012
Brig D C M KIng OBE - study for CGRM wef 8 May 2012
Cdr S W Braham RN to be Type 26 Export team leader wef 6 June 2012


Brigadier J T Jackson 6 Jan 12
Brigadier A T Davies 18 Jan 12
Brigadier N J Smith 20 Jan 12
Brigadier D G Wilson 2 Feb 12
Brigadier D N Yates 8 Feb 12
Brigadier I S Simpson 1 March 12
Brigadier J F Watson 1 March 12
Brigadier M N Pountain 2 March 12

5 May
Born this day : Field Marshall Archie Wavell (1883), Karl Marx (1818)
Died this day : Napoleon Bonaparte (1821)

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