Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Commodore N S Roberts RN to be Prog Head of the Defence Reform Unit wef Jan 2012

Cdre J A Morse to be promoted Rear Admiral and succeed AVM R Lock CBE as Commandant Jt Services Command and Staff College wef Aug 2012 

Cdre S J Chick CBE to succeed Cdre  J M Handley as Dep Dir Combined Joint OPerations wef March 2012

Cdre RK (Bob) Tarrant to be Commander Task Force Force 150 wef Sept 2012

 Cdre J K Moores to succeed Cdre S J Chick CBE as Commodore Devonport Flotilla

Cdr J D Hay to succeed Air Cdre P Beange as Head of Programmes Gp Info Sys and Services wef 21 Dec 2011

Cdre S W Garrett OBE to succeed Cdre J K Moores as Commodore Faslane Flotilla wef Jan 2012

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