Monday, 20 September 2021
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Promotions, retirements and new positions for senior military officers in the UK announced this month. (One stars nad biographical notes are on the continuation page.)

Air Vice Marshall B M (Baz) North to be promoted to Air Marshal and to succeed Air Marshall T M (Timmo) Anderson CB, DSO as DG Military Aviation Authority in April 2013

 Brigadier J Crackett TD to be promoted to Major General and to succeed Maj Gen G S Smith QVRM as ACDS (Reserves and Cadets) in March 2013

 Gp Captain A D Huggett to be promoted to Air Cdre and to succeed Brigadier W J F Kingdon as  Chief of Staff HQ British Forces Cyprus on 17 November 2012


Biographical notes

Air Vice Marshall B M (Baz) North Born 1959. Former helicopter pilot, held command appointments at all levels, notably 78 Squadron in the Falkland Islands and the Special Forces Flight as a Squadron Leader, and the newly established No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group in the Middle East as an Air Commodore. 2007 received his substantive promotion to Air Commodore, appointed Head of Air Resources and Plans at the Ministry of Defence. Promoted to Air Vice Marshal and appointed Air Officer Commanding No. 22 (Training) Group in July 2009,becoming Assistant Chief of the Air Staff in March 2010.

Brigadier J Crackett TD. Commissioned into the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve of the British Army as a second lieutenant, 1980. Transferred 1983 from the Group B Unposted List to Group A of the Royal Corps of Signals, Territorial Army. Retained the rank of second lieutenant (on probation) with seniority from 12 June 1980. Promoted to colonel on 1 December 2002, and to brigadier on 17 August 2009. He is a Chartered Engineer., a Fellow of Institute of Electrical Engineers and a Fellow of Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Member of the Worshipful Company of Engineers

Gp Captain Andrew David Huggett Played squash at Cranfield. 2010 Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFACHQ) in High Wycombe.

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