Thursday, 23 September 2021
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Recent promotions and retirements. One stars on next page, along with some biographical notes

Lt Gen John G Lorimer DSO, MBE to succeed Lt Gen Sir David Capewell KCB, OBE, RM as Chief of Jt Operations wef Jan 2015

Maj Gen T A Beckett CBE to be promoted Lt Gen, succeed Lt Gen Simon Mayall CB as Defence Senior Advisor Middle East in late 2014

Maj Gen M A P Carleton-Smith CBE to succeed Maj Gen James R Chiswell CBE, MC as GOC 1st (UK) Armoured Division in Dec 2014

Brig C S Fattorini to be promoted Maj Gen, succeed Maj Gen J H Gordon CB, CBE as Senior British Loan Service Officer, Oman wef July 2014

Brig J C Lawrence CBE to be promoted Maj Gen, succeed AVM R W Judson as Director Jt Warfare wef Oct 2014

 Air Cdre P J Beach MBE to succeed Air Cdre G M Waterfall CBE as Typhoon Force Commander at RAF Coningsby in May 14

Gp Capt P J Grinstead OBE to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre Sue Gray OBE as Head Unmanned Air Systems DE&S wef 10 Jan 14


Lt Gen John G Lorimer DSO, MBE. Commissioned into the Parachute Regiment1982. Promoted to lieutenant 1984, captain on 1988, major 1994. Served in Northern Ireland. Promoted to lieutenant-colonel 1999, colonel 2003. Commander of 12th Mechanized Brigade June 2005, deployed to Iraq then Afghanistan. Brigadier 31 December 2005.
Major general 2010, appointed Chief of the Defence Staff's Strategic Communications Officer. General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division 2011. Lieutenant general 2013, Deputy Commander, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

Maj Gen T A Beckett CBE. Late Parachute Regiment, currently Director Commitments, Headquarters Land Forces, to be Deputy Commander Nato Rapid Deployment Corps Italy, in the rank of major-general, 2010. Chief of Staff International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, Afghanistan.

Maj Gen Mark A P Carleton-Smith CBE. Commissioned into the Irish Guards 1986. Served as a Brigade Chief-of-Staff during the Kosovo War. Commanding Officer of 22 Special Air Service Regiment 2002, saw service in that role in Iraq and Afghanistan. Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade in 2007, deployed to Afghanistan as Commander of Task Force Helmand and Commander of British Forces there. In August 2008 he led Operation Eagle's Summit. Director of Army Plans and Resources at the Ministry of Defence 2009, Director Special Forces February 2012.

Brig Charles Sebastian Fattorini. Born 1962, Cairo. Reg. Commn. Royal Tank Corps. Served on Op TELIC 1 as Lt Col with the Queen's Royal Lancers. Defence Advisor Nairobi wef June 2012.

Brig J C Lawrence CBE. Born 1963. Late The Royal Gurkha Rifles. Colonel Royal Gurkha Rifles. Trustee Gurkha Welfare Trust. CBE 2000. MBE 2013.

Air Cdre P J Beach MBE Jt Force Air Component Cdr: United Kingdom Air Component Commander, Al Udeid, Qatar.

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