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Promotions, new appointments and post career changes amongst the UK military. One stars on the next page

 Lt General Nick P Carter CBE DSO to succeed Lt Gen Sir Adrian Bradshaw as Cdr Land Forces wef November 2013

Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper KBE to succeed L Gen Bornemann as DG Int Military Staff, NATO HQ wef 24 July 2013

Air Marshal R F Garwood CB, CBE, DFC succeeded Air Marshal Sir Timothy Anderson KCB, DSO (who is retiring) as DG Mil Aviation Auth wef 1 May

Maj General  T P Evans CBE DSO to be promoted Lt general and succeed Lt General Sir James Bucknal KBE, CBE as Cdr ARRC wef September 2013

Maj General M W Poffley OBE to be promoted Lt general, succeed Lt general J D Page CB, OBE as Cdr Force Trd and Development wef Feb 2014

Air Vice Marshal B M (Baz) North promoted Air Marshall, succeeded Air Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB, CBE as Dep Cdr Capability HQ Air Command wef 3 May 13

Air Vice Marshal Greg J Bagwell CB, CBE promoted Air Marshal and succeeded Air Marshall R F Garwood CB, CBE, DFC as Dep Cdr Ops HQ Air wef 16 April 13

Air Vice Marshal P R Ewen succeeded Mr Rowntree as Head Air Support DE&S wef 22 April 

Air Cdre T L J Bishop OBE promoted Air Vice Marshal succeeding Air Vice Marshal P R Ewen as Chief of Staff Support HQ Air wef 29 April 13

Cdre R I Powell OBE to attache duties wef Jan 2014

Surgeon Cdr A J Walker OBE to RCDS wef Jan 2014

Air Cdre G Tunniclife to succeed Brigadier C L Tickell CBE as Head of Remuneration in August 2013

Air Cdre G A Opie to succeed Air Cdre N P Beet CBE (retiring) as ACofS Personnel Policy (RAF) in September 2013

Brig M Griffiths to be Head of Networks, IS and S at DE and S wef May 2013

Brig R V Walker to be Commander, 12 Mech Brigade wef Oct 2013

Brig A J Aitken to be Commander, 20 Armoured Brigade wef October 2014

Brig R W Wooddisse to be Commander 38 (Irish) brigade wef Dec 2013

Brig A S D Harrison to be Chief Jt Fire and Influence Branch HQ ARRC wef March 2014

Brig M J Bennett to be Cammander 1st Artillery Brigade  & HQ SW wef June 2014

Brig T R Copinger-Symes to be Commander, 1 Intelligencve and Surveillance Brigade wef April 2014

Brig R J Walton-Kinght to be Commander, 8 Force Engineer Brigade wef Oct 2013

Brig S C McMahon to be Commander 104 Logistics Brigade wef Jan 2014

Brig C M B Coles to be Commander 42 (North West) Brigade wef Jan 2014

Brig T D Hyams to be Commander, Collective Training Gp wef Feb 2014

Brig D W Southall to be Commandant RSME wef August 2013

Brig D W Chalmers to be Asst Chief of Staff J3 PJHQ wef Sept 2013

Brig R T H Jones to be Asst Chief of Staff Ops Army HQ wef Sept 2014

Brig P A E Nanson to be Director Army Division Jt Services C and S College wef April 2014

Brig R H D Toomey to be Director Loand Warfar LWC wef Sept 2014

Brig J F P Swift to be Head Mil Capability (Army) wef Oct 2014

Brig E J R Chamberlain to be Brigadier, general Staff wef March 2014

Brig R Wardlaw to be Director Plans Army HQ wef Aug 2014

Brig N Marshall to be Asst Commandant (Land) Jt SC and SC wef Aug 2014

 Brig I J Cave to be Director Trg (Army) Army HQ wef Feb 2014

Brig G K Bibby to be Chief of Staff Adj Gen wef June 2014

Brig N J Cavanagh to be Dir of Manning (Army) Army HQ wef Aug 2013

Brig P M L Napier to be Dir Personnel Capability, DG Pers Cap wef Feb 2014

Brig W  J F Kingdom to be Aermy Inspector wef May 2014

Brig P H Gilbert to be Dep Dir Army Medical Services wef Jan 2014

Brig G C Deakin to be Dep Dir Strategy and Plans US CENTCOM wef June 2014

Brig A P Duncan to be Dep Ch of Staff HQ RRC France wef Aug 2014

Brig T J Hodgetts to be Medical Dir, HQ JMC wef Jan 2014

Brig J T E Illingworth to be Asst Def Attache Brit Def Staff USA wef Aug 2013

Acting Cdre R M Allen to be pomoted Cdre, attache trg July 1 2013

Acting Cdre S P Hardern to be promoted Cdre continue as Exec Co-ordinator NATO Int Mil Staff July 2013

Acting Cdre D G Elford to be promoted Cdre, continue Commandant Def College of Tech Trg July 2013

Acting Cdre A C Lison to be promoted Cdre, continue Head of Def Helicopter 1 DEST July 2013

Acting Cdre J C Rigby to be promoted Cdre, continue as Naval Base Commander, Portsmouth July 2013

Captain J R Macdonald to be promoted Cdre and succeed Cdre J P H Fulford as Head CBRN Policy wef July 22nd 2013

Surgeon Captain Hon R M McNeill Love QHP to be promoted Surgeon Cdre and succeed Surgeon Cdre A S Hughes as ACoS Medical, Naval Command wef 23 July 2013

Captain K E Blount OBE to be promoted Cdre, succeed Cdre S J Ancona as UK Component Cdr Bahrrain wef 24 Sept 2013

Captain J R Corderoy to be promoted Cdre, succeed Cdre K A Beckett as Head of Nuclear Propulsion DEST wef 2 Sept 2013

Col D M M Evans RM to be promoted Brigadier, succeed Cdre C R Forsey as ACoS Info Support Navy Command wef 3 Sept 2013

Gp Captain C R Elliot to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre G Tunnicliffe  as AC of Staff Training HQ 22 Gp in August 2013

Gp Captain J Philliban to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Brigadier M Baines OBE as C4ISR Joint User, Jt Foirces Command in August 2013



Brigadier M G Lacey, Late RA, retired 12th June 2013

 EPI Europrop International GmbH (EPI) has announced that Ian Crawford has been appointed President with full responsibility to manage the TP400 engine programme. Ian joins EPI from partner company Rolls-Royce and replaces Simon Henley who will return to Rolls-Royce to take up another position.

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