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We record such events at one star level (on second page, along with biographical notes.

 Maj Gen Chris (C M) Deverell MBE, soon to be Chief of Materiel (Land) also to succeed Lt Gen G R Coward CB, OBE as Quartermaster General, in the rank of Lt General

Maj Gen T A Beckett CBE to succeed Maj Gen T B Radford DSO, OBE as CoS HQ ISAF Joint Command 

Brig E B Carmichael MBE to be promoted Major General, succeeding Maj Gen M J von Bertele OBE, QHS as DG Army Medical Services in Sept 2012 

Capt J P Pentreath OBE to be promoted acting Cdre and to succeed Brig M P Ellis OBE as Director Development, Joint Helicopter Command  wef July 2012

Capt A J Burton to be promoted acting Cdre and succeed Cdre S J N Kings as Head of Capability (Under water) wef Sept 12 

Brig R M B Nitsch to be Dir of Manning (Army) wef April 2012

Brig B W McCall to be Defence and Military Attache New Delhi wef May 2012

Brig C S Fattorini to be Defence Advisor Nairobi wef June 2012

Brig T J P Watts to be Proj Dir Saudi Arabian National Guards Communications wef Oct 2012

Brig W J F Bramble to be ACoS J3 PFHQ wef June 2012

Brig A R Brown to be Head, Customer Support Team (Land) DES wef April 2012

Brig G A Nield to be Dir Strategy & programmes, Serv Pers and Vets Agency wef April 2012

Biographical notes

April 2012

Maj Gen Christopher M. Deverell MBE was educated at Mansfield College, Oxford, and commissioned into the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment in 1979. He commanded the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear Regiment, and 4th Armoured Brigade in Iraq and Germany from January 2005. In April 2007 he became Director Equipment Capability (Ground Manoeuvre), and was made Director General Logistics Support and Equipment at HQ Land Forces in December 2008.

Maj Gen T A Beckett CBE, (late Parachute Regiment), formerly Chief of Staff International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, Afghanistan.

Brigadier E. B. Carmichael MBE, as Director General of the Army Medical Service, assists DG Pers in the provision of Health Policy. He provides a policy oversight and assurance for CINC in the generation and delivery of medical operational capability, and is directly responsible for primary care services to the Army, and community mental health services to defence. He also provides assurance of healthcare delivered by others, including on operations and Secondary Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Dental and Veterinary Services. The Major General, late Royal Army Dental Corps, is also appointed Honorary Dental Surgeon to The Queen, as of 19 March 2012, in succession to Colonel P. Woodward-Court.

Captain Jonathan Patrick Pentreath OBE, Royal Navy, born 1966, won the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in 2003. Appointed to the Order In the New Year's Honours of 2012. He has been a director of the Fleet Air Arm, and joined the Royal Navy Club in 2003.

Brigadier Robert Malcolm Bowstead Nitsch, commissioned into the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in 1983, Commander of 102nd Logistic Brigade and later head of logistics for UK forces in Afghanistan. In February 2011 he took part in the joint US-UK investigation into the unsuccessful operation to release Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove.Awarded Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) September 2011.

Brig B W McCall, REME, former ADC to HM The Queen.

Brig Charles Sebastian Fattorini. Born 1962, Cairo. Reg. Commn. Royal Tank Corps. Served on Op TELIC 1 as Lt Col with the Queen's Royal Lancers.

Brigadier Tim Watts was commissioned in 1980, commanded a signal squadron in the 1991 Gulf War, then the Airmobile Brigade Signal Squadron in Colchester. On the staff of the new Joint Services Command and Staff College, later Commanding Officer of 1st (UK) Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment in Germany. Served as Chief of Staff of the UN Mission in the Congo in the rank of Colonel. From 2005 to 2007 Defence Attache in the Sudan. Promoted to command the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems in January 2008. Appointed Signal Officer-in-Chief (Army) and Director Command Support Development Centre in September 2010.

Brigadier William James Frank Bramble OBE. Born 1966. Short service commission The Royal Artilery, 1987. Promoted from Colonel to Brigadier 2010. Chairman of the Royal Artillery Rugby Football Club.

Brigadier Brig G A Nield OBE BSc (Eng) . Former Defence Training Review IPT Leader at Defence Estates, MoD.

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