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Promotions and retirements in HM Forces. One star on second page, alond with biographical notes

Maj General P D Jones CBE to be promoted Lt General, & succeed Vice Adm C A Johnstone-Burt CB, OBE as CoS Supreme Allied Command Transformation wef Oct 2013

Rear Admiral P M Bennett OBE to succeed maj Gen Jones as Chief of Staff Jt Forces Command wef 11 Sept 2013

Cdre J M L Kingwell to be promoted Rear Admiral and succeed Rear Adm P M Bennett OBE as Dir Concepts & Doctrine, Jt Forces Command wef 14 October 2013

Air Cdre M E West CBE to be promoted Air V ice Marshal as Dir Projects & Prog Delivery Def Infrastructure Org wef 1 August 2013

Air Cdre A M Turner CBE to be promoted Air Vive Marshal and succeed AVM M G Llloyd (who is retiring) as AOC 22 Group and CoS Training wef July 2014

 Cdre R Albon OBE to succeed Cdre M R B Wallace OBE as Naval Asst to Naval Secretary wef November 2013

Cdre T J L Williamson to succeed Cdre M P Mansbergh CBE as Cdre Op Trg within FOST wef Nov 2013

Cdre N S Roberts to succeed Cdre J M L Kingwell as Head of Financial and Military Capability wef Sept 2013

Cdre K A Beckett to succeed Cdre M P Wareham as Naval Base Cdr (Clyde) wef Sept 2013

Brigadier R A W Spencer OBE to be 1* Head Transformation Team within Naval Command wef August 2013

Cdre M C Cree to succed Cdre Hon M C N Cochrane OBE as Cdre Portsmouth Flotilla wef Nov 2013

Actg Cdre G A Robinson OBE to be promoted Cdre and succeed Cdre C M Richards CBE as Asst Chief of Staff (Warfare) Naval Command wef August 2013

Air Cdre J C Bessell to succeed Cdre C L Walker as Cdr Jt Forces Logistics Ops wef Feb 2014

Acting Air Cdre C E J Brazier to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre I N Wood as Head of Mil Strategic Effect wef Feb 2014

Gp Capt D J E Cooper to be promoted Acting Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre C E J Brazier as Dir Air Ops HQ ISAF Kabul wef Nov 2013

Gp Capt A K Gillespie to be promoted Acting Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre P J Beach as AOC No 83 Exp Air Gp Qatar wef Dec 14 2013

Gp Capt J E Linter OBE to be promoted Actg Air Cdreand be Dir Combined Air & Space Ops Cente Qatar wef May 2014

Captain D Dutton OBE to be promoted Cdre wef Nov 2013

Captain J P Kyd to be promoted Cdre wef Feb 2014

Captain J M Lines to be promoted Cdre wef April 2014

Acting Cdre G A Robinson OBE to be promoted Cdre wef August 2013

Brigadier S D Hutchinson retired 2 July 2013

Brigadier R W H Purdy retired 15 July 2013




Maj General Phil D Jones CBE Commissioned into The Royal Anglian Regiment in 1981. Early years at regimental duty with the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment in UK, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Belize, and Germany. Brigade Operations Officer in HQ 8 Infantry Brigade in Northern Ireland. Army Staff Course at Camberley 1993. Rifle company commander in 24 Airmobile Brigade. Brigade Chief of Staff 24 Airmobile. Lieutenant Colonel 1995, posted to NATO appointment Military Assistant to Commander in Chief Allied Forces Northwest Europe. Chief of Operations UN Observer Mission in Georgia, 2000.
Command of 1 R Anglian, 2000. Battalion redeployed to the mechanised role in England 2001. Deployed to Kabul in January - July 2002. Colonel 2002. Director Plans in the United States' Combined Joint Task Force 180 (Afghanistan) 2003. Assistant Chief of Staff Plans within HQ ARRC, deployed to Kabul as HQ ISAF IX. Brigadier, Command of 8 Infantry Brigade, 2005. 13-month tour as MA to UN Secretary General's Special Representative. Military Attaché Washington, 2010. Promoted to Major General, Director of the Force Reintegration Cell at HQ ISAF.

Rear Admiral Paul M Bennett OBE. Commanding Officer HMS Daring 2008-09. Commander Amphibious Task Force 2009-11. Director Naval Personnel Strategy 2011-13. Director of the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre 2013.

Cdre John M L Kingwell. Joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer, 1984. Has had four commands. Commanded the UK Response Force Task Group 2011 (Libya). Committee member, The Royal Navy Club.

Air Cdre Margaret Elaine West CBE née Brindle. Born 1961. The most senior ranking female officer in the British Armed Forces, the first to hold a non-honorary Air Vice-Marshal or equivalent rank since the Second World War, and the first to achieve that rank in the regular forces. Joined the Women's RAF as an aircraftwoman 1978. Commissioned 1982 pilot officer. Promoted flying officer, 1982. Transferred from the General Duties (Ground) Branch to the Administrative Branch of the RAF, 1983. Flight lieutenant 1986. Transferred from a Short Service Commission to a Permanent Commission, 1990. Promoted to squadron leader 1991, wing commander 1997. Air commodore 2008. Head of the Defence Estates' Operations Housing, thereby being in charge of the renovation of service accommodation. Her promotion to air vice-marshal in August 2013 makes West the highest ranking female in the British Armed Forces and the first to hold a two-star rank.

Air Cdre Andrew Mark Turner CBE. Awarded CBE as Group Captain, 2011. Chief of the Defence Staff's Liaison Officer to the Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, in March 2013.

Cdre Ross Albon OBE. OBE 2002 Birthday Honours. Commodore, 2008. Deputy Chief Executive, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Cdre T J L Williamson. Commissioned 1985. Lieutenant, 1988. Captain, MVO, Royal Navy, promoted Commodore and Deputy Commandant / Assistant Commandant (Maritime) within the Joint Services Command and Staff College, 2011.

Cdre N S Roberts. Fellow of The Guy Hudson Memorial Trust, 2002. Programme Head of the Defence Reform Unit, 2012

Cdre Keith A Beckett. Joined Britannia Royal Naval College 1981, first degree Royal Naval Engineering College, Manadon.
After submarine and nuclear training appointed to the nuclear attack submarine HMS Trafalgar. HMS Ocelot, until she decommissioned in 1991. Support Manager within the Naval Technical Department, HM Naval Base Clyde. Appointments with: the Second Sea Lord, Director of Nuclear Propulsion, Submarine Marine Engineer Officer to the Commodore Devonport Flotilla.
Captain 2004. RCDS, appointed submarine engineering staff officer to the Commander-in-Chief Fleet. Director General Submarines' UK Technical Liaison Officer in Washington DC, 2007. Head of the Nuclear Propulsion Project Team.

Brigadier Richard A W Spencer OBE. Joined Royal Marines 1982. Career split between operational command appointments and staff appointments. Early career within 3 Commando Brigade RM. Operational deployments Northern Ireland, Persian Gulf, Northern Iraq (awarded a Joint Commander's Commendation). Commanded at squadron and company level, including operations in Hong Kong and deployments to Brunei, Norway, USA and Trinidad. Operationally focussed appointments: Deployed to Bosnia in the Rapid Reaction Force Operations Staff, 1995. UK Chief J3 for operations in Afghanistan 2001-02, India/Pakistan 2002, Iraq (2002-4), for which awarded OBE. OC Officer Training at the UK Commando Training Centre, SO1 Campaign Planning on the Directing Staff of the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College, 2004-07. Colonel and unit command, 2006. Command of the Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines Faslane, Scotland, responsible for the security of the UK nuclear deterrent, and Royal Marines Boarding Teams for the Royal Navy, 2007. Command tour 2009. Appointed Chief of Staff to the Commander of the UK Amphibious Force, Chief of Staff for EUNAVFOR Somalia in May 2010.

Cdre Malcolm C Cree. Chief of Staff (Integrated Change Programme) at Royal Navy Command HQ. Honorary Member, Royal Southern Yacht Club.

Actg Cdre Guy Antony Robinson OBE. Commander HMS Edinburgh, 2001-03, deployed Op Telic. Officer, Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, 2003.

Air Cdre John C Bessell. Former RAF St Mawgan Station.

Acting Air Cdre Christopher E J Brazier. Served Iraq and Afghanistan.


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