Saturday, 25 September 2021
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The whole team of Defence Ministers will be at the Farnborough International Air Show  today. This is what they do.

Secretary of State for Defence - Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP

Strategic direction on operations; personnel; Strategic Defence and Security Review; defence planning; programme and resource allocation; policy; international relations; nuclear programme; acquisition; parliamentary business and communications

Minister of State for the Armed Forces - Nick Harvey MP

Operations and operational policy; force generation; deployed operational logistic delivery; operational training exercises

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology - Peter Luff MP

Equipment cycle including investment decisions; science and technology and industrial strategy; non-equipment investment programme and decisions, including IT and estates

Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans - Andrew Robathan MP

Approach to service personnel and civil servants; wider defence family

Minister for International Security Strategy - Gerald Howarth MP

International defence strategy and relations; defence diplomacy; international defence institutions; defence exports

Under Secretary of State - Lord Astor of Hever

Lords spokesman on defence policy; operations; personnel; equipment and legacy issues

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